PT. Dharma Subur Satya (DSS) is registered on Jl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 1 B-C, Pondok Labu, Jakarta 12450, Indonesia. Initially, DSS started its operation in the Marine Civil Construction business in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, under its parent company, PT. Dharma Subur Sakti.

To date, DSS has been conducting its operation for over fourty years. Under its current management, which consists of well-experienced and professional people, DSS is expected to grow very rapidly.

Type of Business

DSS deals mainly in the Marine Civil Construction work. There are two major reasons why DSS specializes itself in this field.

First, DSS utilized the fact that Indonesia consists of thousands of islands, specifically 13,677 islands. With this huge number of islands, DSS has anticipated a large demand for marine construction works in Indonesia.

Second, it is the nature of our company to deal with unique and specialized type of business, such as offered in marine construction.


DSS has been proud of its main strengths for over thirty years such as high quality of marine works, competitive quotation prices, reliabilities, and within completion time limit. In addition, our major strength also lies in the support we can give to our clients, ranging from advice about the most appropriate marine construction work method in the most cost-effective way.

We have proven ourselves as one of the leading marine construction company, as we have been in this business line for over thirty years and we have finished numerous projects with superb results throughout Indonesia.


The market for Marine Civil Works in Indonesia is extremely big. This is as a result of the fast-growing development of the Indonesian economy for this past decade, and expected to continue in the coming years. The development of the infrastructure has been rising up amazingly nowadays. Therefore, DSS has been putting lots of efforts in anticipating this positive development.

DSS has proven itself as one of the outstanding and exceptional Marine Civil Construction company in Indonesia as it has been servicing the Indonesian market for over thirty years now. This can clearly be seen as we have completed numerous marine civil construction projects for our both local and overseas clients. This has resulted in significant increases in the company’s yearly revenue.

Some of the list of our major clients that we have been dealing with, since our company commenced its operation, are as follows: please click these link

Furthermore, due to the rapid pace of the marine construction development in Indonesia, we have projected to have more potential clients within the coming years.


It has always been to the best interests of all DSS’ personnel to provide their clients with high quality of marine works, competitive quotation prices, reliabilities, and within completion time limit. DSS’ personnel are always aware of ever-changing new technologies and methods in the marine construction field. We can also give advice about the most appropriate marine construction work method, in order to give our clients the best quality of marine construction work.


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